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DB Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45269260 DILL HUMMUS, UPC: 853263005042 Sweetsop LLC
BF 45267953 WINDY CITY DILLS, UPC: 727908229547 U.S. Gold
BF 45267952 LOSO GARLIC DILLS, UPC: 727908229561 U.S. Gold
BF 45267437 HERBY DILL & GARLIC, UPC: 635519139608 Urban Accents, Incorporated
BF 45267269 ORGANIC DILL PICKLES, UPC: 182108000004 Real Pickles Cooperative, Inc.
BF 45266491 DILL SANDWICH SLICES, UPC: 070163978775 Detroit City Dairy, Inc.
BF 45266380 CREAMY DILL DIP WITH RYE, UPC: 054627210366 none
BF 45266131 DILL DIP, UPC: 070322005182 Old Home Foods Inc
BF 45265885 FRESH DILL & GARLIC PICKLES, UPC: 045635683105 none
BF 45264563 WHOLE BABY DILL PICKLES, UPC: 011150059053 none
BF 45264557 DILL WEED, UPC: 011150939850 none
BF 45264548 KOSHER WHOLE DILL PICKLES, UPC: 011150059060 none
BF 45264231 DILL BABIES, UPC: 041660004366 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264229 BABIES KOSHER DILL, UPC: 041660001921 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264228 BABIES KOSHER DILL, UPC: 041660001723 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264227 GRANDMA'S BABY DILLS ARTISAN PICKLES, UPC: 041660001785 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264225 WHOLE KOSHER DILLS, UPC: 041660001525 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264223 WHOLE DILLS, UPC: 041660001518 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264220 NORWEGIAN SPICY DILLS ARTISAN PICKLES, UPC: 041660001839 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264219 BABIES DILL, UPC: 041660001846 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264218 MINI MUNCHERS KOSHER DILL, UPC: 041660001716 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264216 DILL SPEARS, UPC: 041660001969 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264214 KOSHER DILL SPEARS, UPC: 041660001976 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45264212 DILL BABIES PICKLES, UPC: 041660001914 M. A. Gedney Company