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DB Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45290556 DILL KOSHER SPEARS, UPC: 074175934897 Stater Bros. Markets Inc.
BF 45290509 ZESTY DILL SPEARS, UPC: 074175934989 Stater Bros. Markets Inc.
BF 45290352 KOSHER DILL PICKLES, SPEARS, UPC: 011110891303 The Kroger Co.
BF 45290307 HAVARTI DILL CHEESE, UPC: 031506828133 Dietz & Watson Inc.
BF 45290114 DILL DIP, UPC: 751570913220 Sculatti I.F.S.
BF 45289792 KOSHER DILL SANDWICH SLICES, UPC: 713733357180 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45289791 KOSHER HAMBURGER DILL CHIPS, UPC: 713733357197 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45289790 ORGANIC KOSHER DILL SPEARS, UPC: 713733357227 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45289630 ORGANIC KOSHER BABY DILLS, UPC: 713733357210 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45289373 PICKLE DILL - MILL, UPC: 755702752503 Creative Games, Inc.
BF 45289216 FETA DILL GREEK YOGURT DRESSING, UPC: 077661149997 none
BF 45288954 KOSHER DILL SANDWICH SLICES, UPC: 038259109267 none
BF 45288846 WHOLE KOSHER DILLS, UPC: 041660002850 M. A. Gedney Company
BF 45288787 BABY KOSHER DILL, UPC: 036800164482 Topco Associates, Inc.
BF 45288782 KOSHER BABY DILLS, UPC: 011161143314 Topco Associates, Inc.
BF 45288584 SPICY DILL PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 085239067239 Target Stores
BF 45288379 DILL WHOLE PICKLES, UPC: 038259109366 none
BF 45287769 DILL RELISH, UPC: 038259109427 none
BF 45287638 DILL WHOLE PICKLES, UPC: 038259109380 none
BF 45287182 DILL HAMBURGER CHIPS, UPC: 038259109243 none
BF 45287173 KOSHER DILL WHOLE PICKLES, UPC: 038259109373 none
BF 45286749 DILL PICKLE PEANUTS, UPC: 753695261323 The Peanut Roaster, Inc.
BF 45286631 DILL PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 073723085111 none
BF 45286485 HAMBURGER DILL CHIPS, UPC: 021333224178 none
BF 45286232 FRESH PACK KOSHER DILL WHOLE PICKLES, UPC: 021333224055 none