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NDB No. Description Manufacturer or Food Group
BF 45084552 WOODSTOCK, KOSHER DILL PICKLE SPEARS, UPC: 042563016548 United Natural Foods, Inc.
BF 45084599 WESTERN FAMILY, SWEET PICKLES, UPC: 015400015929 Western Family Foods, Inc.
BF 45084607 KOSHER DILL PICKLES, UPC: 038261857361 BUBBIES
BF 45085245 PICKLED WHOLE BEETS, UPC: 041250941712 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45085336 TRADER JOE'S, ORGANIC SWEET PICKLE RELISH, UPC: 00925907 Eazypower Corporation
BF 45085732 HILO CO-CO BRAND, SANBAI ZUKE (PICKLED RADISH IN SOY SAUCE), UPC: 073581000226 Waimanalo Ko-Ko Co., Inc.
BF 45085794 PICKLED GREEN CHILLI, UPC: 721557150320 U. S. Trading Company
BF 45085804 HILO CO-CO, PICKLED RADISH, UPC: 073581000196 Waimanalo Ko-Ko Co., Inc.
BF 45086108 MT. OLIVE, SIMPLY PICKLES, BREAD & BUTTER CHIPS, UPC: 009300005319 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086114 MT. OLIVE, SIMPLY PICKLES HAMBURGER DILL CHIPS, UPC: 009300005401 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086118 MT. OLIVE, MINI STUFFERS HAMBURGER DILL CHIPS PICKLES, UPC: 009300006545 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086122 MT. OLIVE, SIMPLY PICKLES KOSHER DILL SPEARS, UPC: 009300006811 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086124 SIMPLY PICKLES KOSHER DILLS, UPC: 009300006828 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086133 SWEET PICKLES, UPC: 713733898393 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086134 SANDWICH SLICE PICKLES, UPC: 713733898409 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086142 MEIJER, WHOLE SWEET PICKLES, UPC: 886926216721 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086149 SANDWICH SLICE PICKLES ZESTY DILLS, UPC: 886926216813 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086157 BREAD & BUTTER SANDWICH SLICE PICKLES, UPC: 886926216882 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086622 PICKLED ASPARAGUS WITH JALAPENO, UPC: 851461004270 TCB Food Processing LCC
BF 45086996 AROMATIC PICKLED BEETS, UPC: 184706000042 Rick's Picks LLC
BF 45087141 SWEET GOURMET PICKLES, UPC: 851769005009 Pickled Pink Foods LLC
BF 45088770 CORNICHONS TINY GHERKIN PICKLES, UPC: 876314000261 Encore! Specialty Foods LLC
BF 45089336 WINCO FOODS, SANDWICH SLICED DILL PICKLES, UPC: 070552700284 Winco Foods, Inc.
BF 45089355 WHOLE KOSHER DILL PICKLES, UPC: 070552700130 Winco Foods, Inc.