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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45291101 ORGANIC KALE, UPC: 813098020290 Terry & Joe Baker Farms
BF 45209485 BABY KALE, UPC: 020601409132 none
BF 45183491 CHOPPED KALE, UPC: 074175505684 Stater Bros. Markets Inc.
BF 45149575 KALE CHIPS, UPC: 748252250377 Rje Trade International, Inc.
BF 45097023 KALE CHIPS, UPC: 850747004140 Made In Nature LLC
BF 45156835 KALE CHIPS, UPC: 074526704469 Ohio Baking Co Inc
BF 45089788 CRUNCHY KALE, UPC: 854615002139 Brad's Raw Chips, LLC
BF 45183938 KALE SPROUTS, UPC: 079473030111 Jonathan's Agricultural Enter.
BF 45178842 KALE DIP, UPC: 773200714960 Summer Fresh Salads Inc.
BF 45183991 ORGANIC KALE, UPC: 079893409191 none
BF 45044466 KALE GREENS, UPC: 688267053047 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45255332 KALE PUFFS, UPC: 080868202907 DR. PRAEGER'S
BF 45096528 CHOPPED KALE, UPC: 041250000556 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45109319 ORGANIC KALE, UPC: 032601026257 Natural Selection Foods, LLC
BF 45350252 ROASTED KALE, UPC: 829739400130 none
BF 45350125 ROASTED KALE, UPC: 829739400680 none
BF 45328441 KALE POWDER, UPC: 647125301133 PharmaCare US, Inc.
BF 45181267 BABY KALE, UPC: 018894899730 Big Y Foods, Inc.
BF 45057364 KALE GREENS, UPC: 041443102210 Holmes Canning Company Inc.
BF 45279166 CHOPPED KALE, UPC: 078742059303 WAL-MART STORES, INC.
BF 45353660 CRUNCHY KALE, UPC: 813104021693 none
BF 45043915 KALE CHIPS, UPC: 829739000637 Rhythm Superfoods, LLC
BF 45182700 CHOPPED KALE, UPC: 042187003252 S. M. Flickinger Co., Inc.
BF 45188952 ORGANIC KALE, UPC: 873668001401 Nature's Touch Frozen Foods Inc.