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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45197853 FRY SAUCE, UPC: 074175682613 Stater Bros. Markets Inc.
BF 45326228 FRIED PEACHES, UPC: 884395000490 La Costena USA
BF 45325522 FRIED PEACHES, UPC: 884395000506 La Costena USA
BF 45088942 FRIED APPLES, UPC: 884395062467 La Costena USA
BF 45172851 FRYING OIL, UPC: 026700157394 Ventura Foods, L.L.C.
BF 45188407 FRYING CHEESE, UPC: 833404000808 King Cheese Inc.
BF 45188405 FRYING CHEESE, UPC: 833404000594 King Cheese Inc.
BF 45191868 FRIED ANCHOVY, UPC: 095916004150 H.C. Foods Co., Ltd.
BF 45307611 FRIED RICE, UPC: 015300013117 The Quaker Oats Co/golden Grain
BF 45044380 YUCA FRIES, UPC: 188314000609 Ultimate Seasonings LLC
BF 45120778 CHICKEN FRIES, UPC: 011110813916 The Kroger Co.
BF 45058433 FRIED APPLES, UPC: 736393540013 McCall Farms Inc
BF 45264477 FRENCH FRIES, UPC: 011110822284 The Kroger Co.
BF 45181202 WAFFLE FRIES, UPC: 015418005806 Rouse's Enterprises, Inc.
BF 45255565 CRISPY FRIES, UPC: 834183100253 Lamb Weston Sales, Inc.
BF 45255060 SEASONED FRIES, UPC: 051933348967 The Moran Group Incorporated
BF 45203254 CHICKEN FRIES, UPC: 856599005618 Global Performance
BF 45184030 OVEN FRIES, UPC: 084114126375 DIAMOND FOODS, INC.
BF 45255340 OVEN FRIES, UPC: 084114126368 DIAMOND FOODS, INC.
BF 45255339 OVEN FRIES, UPC: 084114126290 DIAMOND FOODS, INC.
BF 45247430 CRINKLE FRIES, UPC: 013120057984 Heinz Frozen Food Company
BF 45344500 CRINKLE FRIES, UPC: 013120057991 Heinz Frozen Food Company
BF 45092729 LOADED FRIES, UPC: 046704033203 McCain Foods, Inc.
BF 45149381 FRIED POTATOES, UPC: 714444005742 Mi Costenita Food Dist.
BF 45067988 FRIED EGGPLANT, UPC: 043717295604 Indo-European Foods Inc