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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45265196 CREAMED SPINACH, UPC: 036406365931 Bread & Circus Inc.
BF 45040076 CHOPPED SPINACH, UPC: 041250957584 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45266982 SPINACH PIE, UPC: 092378010293 Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine
BF 45231515 CHOPPED SPINACH, UPC: 070560872546 The Pictsweet Company
BF 45231446 CHOPPED SPINACH, UPC: 070560872768 The Pictsweet Company
BF 45082122 LEAF SPINACH, UPC: 024000163176 Del Monte Foods Inc.
BF 45264730 CREAMED SPINACH, UPC: 018894904847 Big Y Foods, Inc.
BF 45357229 SPINACH PARMESAN, UPC: 025758010026 none
BF 45315486 CUT SPINACH, UPC: 04656700178 RALEY'S
BF 45044878 BABY SPINACH, UPC: 688267154577 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45226438 CHOPPED SPINACH, UPC: 71754412806 Super Store Industries
BF 45226168 SPINACH DIP, UPC: 079453881993 none
BF 45225753 BABY SPINACH, UPC: 07203688187 Harris-Teeter Inc.
BF 45225642 CHOPPED SPINACH, UPC: 070560872805 The Pictsweet Company
BF 45225287 CHOPPED SPINACH, UPC: 041303021040 Supervalu, Inc.
BF 45224855 FRESH SPINACH, UPC: 012842001206 Newstar Fresh Foods, LLC
BF 45268445 CREAMED SPINACH, UPC: 761088802312 B. Robert's Foods, Inc.
BF 45268072 SPINACH DIP, UPC: 718129010557 Vaughan Foods Corporation
BF 45065637 BABY SPINACH, UPC: 071430000168 Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc.
BF 45077781 BABY SPINACH, UPC: 071430009642 Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc.
BF 45065639 BABY SPINACH, UPC: 071430010945 Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc.
BF 45065633 BABY SPINACH, UPC: 071430846308 Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc.
BF 45065635 BABY SPINACH, UPC: 071430846230 Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc.
BF 45279538 CHOPPED SPINACH, UPC: 021130091843 Safeway, Inc.
BF 45319421 SPINACH WRAPS, UPC: 729630000180 Catallia Mexican Foods LLC