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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45205205 THYME + SEASON, MEDITERRANEAN HUMMUS KIT, UPC: 010315947808 Penguin Software Inc
BF 45365515 THYME, UPC: 016291441552 Morton Bassett Inc.
BF 45335545 THYME, UPC: 011150940078 none
BF 45254861 THYME, UPC: 011150949842 none
BF 45289035 THYME, UPC: 725677815596 Sugar 'N Spice, Inc.
BF 45083619 THYME ZA'ATAR PALESTINIAN SPICE BLEND, UPC: 189588000609 Canaan Fair Trade LLC.
BF 45123095 TIA ANGELITA, FRESH QUESO BLANCO WHITE CHEESE, UPC: 859836003453 A.R.S. Cheese Distributors, Inc
BF 45158974 TI CHERIE, LEMONADE, UPC: 864853000002 La Bakerie
BF 45179042 TICKLEBABY, CAKEBABIES, SWEET VANILLA, UPC: 734781102348 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45205628 TICKLEBELLY, CAKE BARS, SIMPLY LEMON, UPC: 734781104212 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45205627 TICKLEBELLY, CAKEBARS SIMPLY VANILLA BEAN, UPC: 734781104144 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45205634 TICKLEBELLY, CAKEBARS, UPC: 734781104236 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45179053 TICKLEBELLY, CARROT CAKE, UPC: 734781103369 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45179048 TICKLEBELLY DESSERTS, BROWNIE BABIES, UPC: 734781102980 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45179049 TICKLEBELLY, LEMON MERINGUE CAKE, UPC: 734781103383 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45153554 TICKLEBELLY, STARS, STRIPES AND SWIRLS COOKIES, UPC: 734781102300 Steven-Robert Desserts
BF 45264398 TICKLED PINK COOKIE ICING, UPC: 071169233752 Signature Brands LLC
BF 45061693 TICKLED PINK ! MARASCHINO, UPC: 898655000373 Metzger Specialty Brands, Inc.
BF 45171018 TIC TAC, CANDY CANE, UPC: 009800001156 Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated
BF 45141229 TIC TAC, FLAVORED MINTS, BERRY CHERRY, UPC: 009800056354 Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated
BF 45113435 TIC TAC, FLAVORED MINTS, FRUIT ADVENTURE, UPC: 009800007608 Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated
BF 45141270 TIC TAC, FLAVORED MINTS, FRUIT ADVENTURE, UPC: 009800007844 Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated
BF 45141262 TIC TAC, FLAVORED MINTS, FRUIT ADVENTURE, UPC: 009800056309 Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated
BF 45141235 TIC TAC, FLAVORED MINTS, GRAPE, UPC: 009800056453 Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated
BF 45141257 TIC TAC, FLAVORED MINTS, GRRR...EEN APPLE, UPC: 009800006076 Ferrero U.S.A., Incorporated