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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45086115 KOSHER DILL, UPC: 009300006514 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086116 KOSHER BABY DILLS, UPC: 009300006538 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086118 HAMBURGER DILL CHIPS, UPC: 009300006545 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086120 MT. OLIVE, KOSHER DILLS, UPC: 009300006651 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086121 MT. OLIVE, KOSHER BABY DILLS PICKLES, UPC: 009300006804 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086122 MT. OLIVE, KOSHER DILL SPEARS SIMPLY PICKLES, UPC: 009300006811 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086124 MT. OLIVE, KOSHER DILLS SIMPLY PICKLES, UPC: 009300006828 Mount Olive Pickle Company Inc.
BF 45086136 WHOLE KOSHER DILLS, UPC: 713733898447 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086138 KOSHER DILL SPEARS, UPC: 713733898461 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086140 WHOLE POLISH DILLS, UPC: 886926216738 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086141 WHOLE KOSHER DILLS, UPC: 886926216745 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086144 KOSHER DILL SPEARS, UPC: 886926216769 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086145 WHOLE POLISH DILLS , UPC: 886926216776 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086146 KOSHER HAMBURGER DILL SLICES, UPC: 886926216806 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086149 SANDWICH SLICE PICKLES ZESTY DILLS, UPC: 886926216813 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086150 KOSHER BABY DILLS, UPC: 886926216820 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086152 ZESTY KOSHER DILL SPEARS, UPC: 886926216899 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086153 POLISH DILL SPEARS, UPC: 886926216851 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086158 HAMBURGER DILL SLICES, UPC: 886926216912 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086159 WHOLE KOSHER DILLS, UPC: 886926216905 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086160 DILL RELISH, UPC: 886926216943 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45088670 HAVARTI CHEESE DILL, UPC: 215163205173 none
BF 45089336 WINCO FOODS, SANDWICH SLICED DILL PICKLES, UPC: 070552700284 Winco Foods, Inc.
BF 45089355 WHOLE KOSHER DILL PICKLES, UPC: 070552700130 Winco Foods, Inc.
BF 45089728 DILL PICKLE RELISH, UPC: 011110855374 The Kroger Co.