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NDB No. Description Manufacturer or Food Group
SR 31034 Peppers, hot pickled, canned Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 43142 Radishes, hawaiian style, pickled Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 15041 Fish, herring, Atlantic, pickled Finfish and Shellfish Products
SR 09195 Olives, pickled, canned or bottled, green Fruits and Fruit Juices
SR 11609 Beets, pickled, canned, solids and liquids Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 11937 Pickles, cucumber, dill or kosher dill Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 11946 Pickles, cucumber, sour, low sodium Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 11947 Pickles, cucumber, dill, reduced sodium Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 43143 Cabbage, japanese style, fresh, pickled Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 11983 Pickles, chowchow, with cauliflower onion mustard, sweet Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 31033 Ginger root, pickled, canned, with artificial sweetener Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 04030 Sandwich spread, with chopped pickle, regular, unspecified oils Fats and Oils
SR 21102 Fast foods, chicken fillet sandwich, plain with pickles Fast Foods
BF 45130289 DAVID Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200464626 Conagra Brands
BF 45130364 PENROSE Pickled Sausage, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200321103 Conagra Brands
BF 45133925 PENROSE Firecracker Pickled Sausage, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200322001 Conagra Brands
BF 45133931 PENROSE Big Mama Pickled Sausage, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200392905 Conagra Brands
BF 45135853 WOODSTOCK, ORGANIC PICKLES, UPC: 042563015824 United Natural Foods, Inc.
BF 45140424 GIULIANO, SWEET SMOKY CHIPOTLE PICKLES, UPC: 076479683167 Giulianos' Specialty Foods
BF 45140426 GIULIANO, DILL PICKLES, ITALIAN STYLE, UPC: 076479682160 Giulianos' Specialty Foods
BF 45141098 SECHLER'S, SWEET HEAT MIXED PICKLES, UPC: 071450160194 Ralph Sechler & Son Inc.
BF 45141103 OLD SOUTH, SWEET PICKLED WATERMELON RIND, UPC: 070759000057 Bryant Preserving Co., Inc.
BF 45141210 TUT'S BRAND, CUCUMBER PICKLES, UPC: 783963000224 Tvt's International Export & Import Co.
BF 45142758 GIANTS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, DILL PICKLE, UPC: 038093221033 GIANT Snacks, Inc.