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DB Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45281546 SWEET MIXED PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 041268170913 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45277225 POLISH DILL PICKLE SPEARS, UPC: 041268115259 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45280538 DILL SANDWICH PICKLE SLICES, UPC: 041268122639 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45277106 BABY DILL PICKLES, UPC: 041268115242 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45277358 DILL PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 041268148899 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45276742 BABY DILL PICKLES, UPC: 041268159994 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45339999 KOSHER DILL PICKLE SPEARS, UPC: 041268115266 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45278332 KOSHER PETITE DILL PICKLES, UPC: 041268131396 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45281201 DILL PICKLES, UPC: 041268115273 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45339882 PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 021130473076 Safeway, Inc.
BF 45282974 WHOLE PICKLES, UPC: 021130434787 Safeway, Inc.
BF 45219345 DILL PICKLE, UPC: 854253003918 none
BF 45222333 PICKLED CUCUMBERS IN BRINE, UPC: 4770583201335 none
BF 45221127 PICKLED TURNIPS, UPC: 746646303685 Overseas Food Dist Inc.
BF 45221124 PICKLED SLICED BEETS, UPC: 746646303159 Overseas Food Dist Inc.
BF 45047557 SINGLE BARREL PICKLES, UPC: 070152198832 none
BF 45221125 PICKLED CUCUMBERS IN BRINE, UPC: 746646303388 Overseas Food Dist Inc.
BF 45221224 PICKLED CUCUMBERS, UPC: 764363180716 none
BF 45221128 PICKLED DICED VEGETABLES, UPC: 746646304156 Overseas Food Dist Inc.
BF 45261958 WILD CUCUMBER PICKLED MIKTI, UPC: 735143061808 Cortas Canning & Refrigerating
BF 45279374 PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 041268160006 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45279614 PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 041268153886 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45277800 BREAD & BUTTER PICKLE CHIPS, UPC: 041268115327 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45279354 SANDWICH SLICED PICKLES, UPC: 041268122622 Hannaford Bros. Co.