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DB Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45170039 DOUX SOUTH, MEAN GREEN TOMATOES PICKLED, UPC: 863498000064 Doux South Specialties, LLC
BF 45170038 DOUX SOUTH, SPICY CUCUMBER PICKLES, UPC: 863498000057 Doux South Specialties, LLC
BF 45167187 OLD APPLE HILL BRINE, MEMPHIS BBQ ARTISAN PICKLES, UPC: 028672118540 1 Step Software, Inc.
BF 45167186 OLD APPLE HILL BRINE, WHISKEY SOUR PICKLES, UPC: 028672118526 1 Step Software, Inc.
BF 45140426 GIULIANO, DILL PICKLES, ITALIAN STYLE, UPC: 076479682160 Giulianos' Specialty Foods
BF 45140424 GIULIANO, SWEET SMOKY CHIPOTLE PICKLES, UPC: 076479683167 Giulianos' Specialty Foods
BF 45091091 MANDINGO, PICKLES, GARLIC DILL, UPC: 705105661711 Brittany Records
BF 45340712 SLICED PICKLED BEETS, UPC: 044300054639 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45200848 PICKLED YELLOW PEPPERS, UPC: 738960231287 Karabetian Import & Export
BF 45089355 WHOLE KOSHER DILL PICKLES, UPC: 070552700130 Winco Foods, Inc.
BF 45089336 WINCO FOODS, SANDWICH SLICED DILL PICKLES, UPC: 070552700284 Winco Foods, Inc.
BF 45190883 HOT DILL PICKLES, UPC: 046569651901 Klein's Kosher Pickle Co.
BF 45086996 AROMATIC PICKLED BEETS, UPC: 184706000042 Rick's Picks LLC
BF 45086622 PICKLED ASPARAGUS WITH JALAPENO, UPC: 851461004270 TCB Food Processing LCC
BF 45281451 DILL PICKLE CRISPS WITH A CRUNCHY PRETZEL COATING, UPC: 855267002362 Intevation Food Group LLC
BF 45063951 SPICY PICKLED MANGO, UPC: 069276012056 none
BF 45060809 SLICED PICKLED BEETS, UPC: 011110805270 The Kroger Co.
BF 45204012 MIXED PICKLES, UPC: 7839630036690 none
BF 45154916 SPITZ, PUMPKIN SEEDS, DILL PICKLE, UPC: 028400597371 Frito-Lay Company
BF 45086157 BREAD & BUTTER SANDWICH SLICE PICKLES, UPC: 886926216882 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086149 SANDWICH SLICE PICKLES ZESTY DILLS, UPC: 886926216813 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086142 MEIJER, WHOLE SWEET PICKLES, UPC: 886926216721 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086134 SANDWICH SLICE PICKLES, UPC: 713733898409 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45086133 SWEET PICKLES, UPC: 713733898393 Meijer, Inc.