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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 18967 Bread, white wheat Baked Products
SR 18071 Bread, white, prepared from recipe, made with nonfat dry milk Baked Products
SR 18073 Bread, white, prepared from recipe, made with low fat (2%) milk Baked Products
SR 18432 Bread, white, commercially prepared, toasted, low sodium no salt Baked Products
SR 18070 Bread, white, commercially prepared, toasted Baked Products
SR 18416 Bread, white, commercially prepared, low sodium, no salt Baked Products
SR 18069 Bread, white, commercially prepared (includes soft bread crumbs) Baked Products
SR 18065 Bread, wheat, toasted Baked Products
SR 28317 Bread, wheat, sprouted, toasted Baked Products
SR 28316 Bread, wheat, sprouted Baked Products
SR 18064 Bread, wheat Baked Products
BF 45222512 BREAD & VEGETABLES TUSCAN SOUP, UPC: 8001246209105 none
BF 45210828 BREAD, UPC: 850532000487 Cusano's Italian Bakery
BF 45279994 BREAD, UPC: 071314047982 PERFECTION BAKERIES, INC.
BF 45339445 BREAD, UPC: 018537161491 BIMBO BAKERIES USA, INC.
BF 45033808 BREAD, UPC: 074323054477 BIMBO BAKERIES USA, INC.
BF 45171888 BREAD, UPC: 021130119325 Safeway, Inc.
BF 45187128 BREAD, UPC: 085996005024 none
BF 45187129 BREAD, UPC: 085996005031 none
BF 45274406 BREAD, UPC: 08523920001 Target Stores
BF 45015048 BREAD, UPC: 072220009910 United States Bakery
BF 45329568 BREAD, UPC: 708411000175 none
BF 45329556 BREAD, UPC: 708411000014 none
BF 45339953 BREAD, UPC: 073410025413 BIMBO BAKERIES USA, INC.
BF 45352830 BREAD, UPC: 03003491480 Giant Eagle, Inc.