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DB Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45233279 ZONE 8, CAFFEIN FREE HIBISCUS TEA, HIBISCUS, UPC: 799471921029 Buenerkemper & Howe Company
BF 45233277 ZONE 8, CAFFEINE FREE HONEY LEMON TEA, HONEY LEMON, UPC: 799471920985 Buenerkemper & Howe Company
BF 45233280 ZONE 8, BLACK TEA, UPC: 799471921005 Buenerkemper & Howe Company
BF 45160404 ZOMBIE SCREAMERS, CANDY, UPC: 609454648051 Candyrific, LLC
BF 45151262 ZOMBIE MIX CANDY, UPC: 034952585032 Eillien's Candies Inc.
BF 45282325 ZOMBIE DECORATED COOKIE, UPC: 037695160641 none
BF 45212656 ZOMBIE DANCE PARTY COOKIE KIT, UPC: 844527031075 none
BF 45171793 ZOMBIE DANCE PARTY COOKIE KIT, UPC: 011225123115 none
BF 45178066 ZOMBIE BREATH MINTS, UPC: 618645304928 none
BF 45216708 ZOLA, ORGANIC ACAI JUICE, BLUEBERRY, UPC: 853647000229 Amazon Preservation Partners, Inc.
BF 45216703 ZOLA, ORGANIC ACAI JUICE BAVERAGE, ORIGINAL, UPC: 853647000212 Amazon Preservation Partners, Inc.
BF 45166781 ZOLA, FRUIT FLAVORED CENTERS COVERED IN DARK CHOCOLATE, ACAI & BLUEBERRY, UPC: 852056003524 Amazon Preservation Partners, Inc.
BF 45150285 ZOLA, DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED TROPICAL COCONUT, UPC: 852056003500 Amazon Preservation Partners, Inc.
BF 45017482 ZOI, GREEK YOGURT, HONEY, UPC: 011384232017 Auburn Dairy Products Inc.
BF 45017478 ZOI, GREEK NONFAT YOGURT, FRUIT ON THE BOTTOM, PEACH, UPC: 011384206513 Auburn Dairy Products Inc.
BF 45017479 ZOI, GREEK NONFAT YOGURT, BLUEBERRY, UPC: 011384206490 Auburn Dairy Products Inc.
BF 45164896 ZOET, WHITE CHOCOLATE, STRAWBERRIES, UPC: 075450153095 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45156913 ZOET, PREMIUM BELGIAN WHITE CHOCOLATE, UPC: 075450153088 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45164894 ZOET, PREMIUM BELGIAN CHOCOLATE, UPC: 075450140590 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45144019 ZOET, MILK CHOCOLATE, TOFFEE & SEA SALT, UPC: 075450199734 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45175907 ZOET, MILK CHOCOLATE SPREAD, UPC: 075450162929 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45148453 ZOET, EXTRA DARK CHOCOLATE, UPC: 075450199741 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45148431 ZOET, CREME BRULEE TRUFFLES, UPC: 075450077575 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45187987 ZOE'S MEATS, APPLEWOOD SMOKED UNCURED BACON, UPC: 857750003559 zoe's meats inc