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DB Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45362090 NATURAL PURE SPRING WATER, UPC: 090928082448 Networked Solutions, A Division Of Ge Security, Inc.
BF 45362089 WILDFLOWER PURE HONEY, UPC: 021273200805 Gunter Apiaries
BF 45362088 PURE HONEY, UPC: 021273500806 Gunter Apiaries
BF 45362087 PANORAMA, ORGANIC GRASS-FED MEATS, UPC: 053196096302 Bucky Squirrel Products
BF 45362086 PURE RAW HONEY, UPC: 895184002052 BEE FLOWER & SUN HONEY CO.
BF 45362085 LIQUID WATER ENHANCER, UPC: 043000000519 Kraft Foods, Inc.
BF 45362084 LIQUID WATER ENHANCER, UPC: 043000005491 Kraft Foods, Inc.
BF 45362083 LIQUID WATER ENHANCER, UPC: 043000000502 Kraft Foods, Inc.
BF 45362082 DUBRETON, ALL NATURAL PORK, UPC: 664158710916 none
BF 45362081 SMOKED OLIVE OIL, UPC: 705105133935 Brittany Records
BF 45362079 CHOCOLATE CANDIES, UPC: 040000534518 Mars Chocolate North America LLC
BF 45362078 CHOCOLATE CANDIES, UPC: 040000534495 Mars Chocolate North America LLC
BF 45362077 POWER BOWLS, UPC: 072655001343 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45362076 DUTCH APPLE PIE, UPC: 612781101045 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45362075 UNCURED BEEF FRANKS, UPC: 074956000001 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45362074 SUPER PUDDING, UPC: 027000420072 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45362073 SEASONING, UPC: 00028000312169 Nestle USA Inc.
BF 45362072 REAL MAYONNAISE, UPC: 021000026968 Kraft Foods, Inc.
BF 45362071 KROGER, PECANS PIECES, UPC: 011110737915 The Kroger Co.
BF 45362070 IODIZED SALT, UPC: 038259119747 none
BF 45362069 SMOKED THIN SLICED TURKEY, UPC: 036800442313 Topco Associates, Inc.
BF 45362068 GOURMET CHOPPED LIVER SPREAD, UPC: 830410098751 Noah's Ark Processors LLC
BF 45362067 SLICED SPANISH TAPAS, UPC: 648230588921 none
BF 45362066 GARDEN SESAME NOODLES, UPC: 061185233812 none