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NDB No. Description Manufacturer or Food Group
BF 45134007 KID CUISINE Pepperoni Pizza, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000196783 Conagra Brands
BF 45134008 KID CUISINE Spaghetti And Mini Meatball Dinner, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000196851 Conagra Brands
BF 45134009 BANQUET Classics Chicken Chicken Strips Meal, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007355 Conagra Brands
BF 45134010 BANQUET Classic Sweet And Sour Chicken, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007362 Conagra Brands
BF 45134011 BANQUET Boneless Honey BBQ Wings, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000200015 Conagra Brands
BF 45134012 BANQUET Boneless Buffalo Wings, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000200022 Conagra Brands
BF 45134013 BANQUET Classic Turkey Meal, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007379 Conagra Brands
BF 45134014 BANQUET Whole Grain Chicken Breast Strips, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000200039 Conagra Brands
BF 45134015 BANQUET Original Chicken Fries, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000200091 Conagra Brands
BF 45134016 BANQUET Classic Backyard BBQ Meal, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007386 Conagra Brands
BF 45134017 BANQUET Bacon Mac And Cheese, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000223243 Conagra Brands
BF 45134018 BANQUET Basic Fish Sticks With Mac And Cheese, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007409 Conagra Brands
BF 45134019 BANQUET Brown N Serve Original Sausage Links, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000277598 Conagra Brands
BF 45134020 BANQUET Basic Spaghetti With Chicken Nuggets, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007416 Conagra Brands
BF 45134021 BANQUET Lite Original Link, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000303969 Conagra Brands
BF 45134022 BANQUET Basic Meatloaf Meal, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007430 Conagra Brands
BF 45134023 BANQUET Brown N Serve Hot N Spicy Sausage Links, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000303990 Conagra Brands
BF 45134024 BANQUET Basic BBQ Backyard BBQ Meal, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007447 Conagra Brands
BF 45134025 BANQUET Brown N Serve Turkey Sausage Patties, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000304744 Conagra Brands
BF 45134026 BANQUET Turkey Sausage Links, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000307417 Conagra Brands
BF 45134027 BANQUET Basic Salisbury Steak, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007454 Conagra Brands
BF 45134028 BANQUET Original Links Biggie Bag, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000441005 Conagra Brands
BF 45134029 BANQUET Basic Chicken Cantina Bowl, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007461 Conagra Brands
BF 45134030 BANQUET Brown N Serve Original Patty, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000441036 Conagra Brands
BF 45134031 BANQUET Basic Three Cheese Zita, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000007478 Conagra Brands