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NDB No. Description Manufacturer or Food Group
BF 45133904 Chocolate Pudding, 3.5 oz, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00015700057919 Conagra Brands
BF 45133905 SWISS MISS Chocolate Pudding, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00015700058985 Conagra Brands
BF 45133906 SWISS MISS Vanilla Pudding, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00015700058992 Conagra Brands
BF 45133907 Vending Dispenser Hot Chocolate, Powder, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00015700062111 Conagra Brands
BF 45133908 Chili Hot Dog with Meat - #10 Can, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00039000031226 Conagra Brands
BF 45133909 Vending Dispenser Hot Chocolate, Powder, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00015700072929 Conagra Brands
BF 45133910 ROSARITA Black Bean Whole, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00044300107700 Conagra Brands
BF 45133911 SLIM JIM Cheesesteak Seasoned, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200006116 Conagra Brands
BF 45133912 SLIM JIM Buffalo Style Wing Seasoned, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200006123 Conagra Brands
BF 45133913 DAVID Roasted And Salted Almonds, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200238814 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45133914 DAVID Wasabi And Soy Almonds, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200238821 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45133915 DAVID Classic Trail Mix, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200238845 Conagra Brands
BF 45133916 DAVID Nut And Chocolate Trail Mix, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200238852 Conagra Brands
BF 45133917 BERTOLLI Ricotta And Spinach Cannelloni, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000900076 Conagra Brands
BF 45133918 BERTOLLI Italian Sausage And Meatball Rigatoni, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000900083 Conagra Brands
BF 45133919 DAVID Nut And Fruit Trail Mix, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200238869 Conagra Brands
BF 45133920 BERTOLLI Stuffed Shells Alla Vodka, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000900090 Conagra Brands
BF 45133921 BERTOLLI Creamy Spinach Rollatini, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000900106 Conagra Brands
BF 45133922 DAVID Buffalo Ranch Sunflower Seeds, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200238937 Conagra Brands
BF 45133923 BERTOLLI Tortellini Margherita, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000900137 ConAgra Foods Inc.
BF 45133924 BERTOLLI Marinara Pie, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000900519 Conagra Brands
BF 45133925 PENROSE Firecracker Pickled Sausage, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200322001 Conagra Brands
BF 45133926 BERTOLLI Italian Sausage Torta Pie, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00031000900908 Conagra Brands
BF 45133927 BLAKES Chicken Pot Pie, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00017873705123 Conagra Brands
BF 45133928 PENROSE Tijuana Mama Sausage, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00026200391908 Conagra Brands