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NDB No. Description Food Group
18413 Bread, pita, white, unenriched Baked Products
18414 Bread, raisin, unenriched Baked Products
18416 Bread, white, commercially prepared, low sodium, no salt Baked Products
18417 Coffeecake, cinnamon with crumb topping, commercially prepared, unenriched Baked Products
18418 Cake, pound, commercially prepared, other than all butter, unenriched Baked Products
18419 Cake, pudding-type, white, unenriched, dry mix Baked Products
18420 Cake, yellow, unenriched, dry mix Baked Products
18421 Cookies, butter, commercially prepared, unenriched Baked Products
18422 Cookies, chocolate chip, commercially prepared, regular, higher fat, unenriched Baked Products
18423 Cookies, ladyfingers, without lemon juice and rind Baked Products
18424 Crackers, melba toast, plain, without salt Baked Products
18425 Crackers, saltines, low salt (includes oyster, soda, soup) Baked Products
18426 Crackers, saltines, unsalted tops (includes oyster, soda, soup) Baked Products
18427 Crackers, standard snack-type, regular, low salt Baked Products
18428 Crackers, wheat, low salt Baked Products
18429 Crackers, whole-wheat, low salt Baked Products
18430 Danish pastry, cinnamon, unenriched Baked Products
18431 Danish pastry, fruit, unenriched (includes apple, cinnamon, raisin, strawberry) Baked Products
18432 Bread, white, commercially prepared, toasted, low sodium no salt Baked Products
18433 Danish pastry, lemon, unenriched Baked Products
18434 Crackers, cheese, low sodium Baked Products
18435 Danish pastry, raspberry, unenriched Baked Products
18436 Doughnuts, yeast-leavened, glazed, unenriched (includes honey buns) Baked Products
18437 English muffins, plain, enriched, without calcium propionate(includes sourdough) Baked Products
18438 English muffins, plain, unenriched, with calcium propionate (includes sourdough) Baked Products