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NDB No. Description Food Group
28147 KEEBLER, TOWN HOUSE, TOPPERS, Original Crackers Baked Products
28148 KEEBLER, TOWN HOUSE, Wheat Crackers Baked Products
28149 KEEBLER, TOWN HOUSE, FLATBREAD CRISPS, Sea Salt and Olive Oil Crackers Baked Products
28150 KEEBLER, TRADITIONS, Iced Lemonade Cookies Baked Products
28151 KEEBLER, TRADITIONS, Iced Oatmeal Cookies Baked Products
28152 KEEBLER, Vanilla Wafers Minis, Rainbow Baked Products
28153 KEEBLER, Vienna Fingers with Creme Filling Baked Products
28154 KEEBLER, Vienna Fingers with Creme Filling, Reduced Fat Baked Products
28155 KEEBLER, Waffle Bowls Baked Products
28156 KEEBLER, Waffle Cones Baked Products
28157 KEEBLER, WHEATABLES, Honey Wheat Crackers Baked Products
28158 KEEBLER, WHEATABLES, Nut Crisp Crackers, Roasted Almond Baked Products
28159 KEEBLER, WHEATABLES, Nut Crisp Crackers, Toasted Pecan Baked Products
28160 KELLOGG'S, ALL-BRAN, Garlic and Herb Crackers Baked Products
28161 KELLOGG'S, ALL-BRAN, Multigrain Crackers Baked Products
28162 KELLOGG'S, Corn Flakes Crumbs Baked Products
28163 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Apple Strudel Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28164 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Blueberry Muffin Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28165 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28167 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Cinnamon Roll Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28168 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Confetti Cake Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28169 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Cookies & Creme Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28170 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Orange Cream Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28171 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Pumpkin Pie Toaster Pastries Baked Products
28172 KELLOGG'S, POP-TARTS, Frosted Spring Berry Toaster Pastries Baked Products