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DB Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45284419 FANCY SHREDDED ITALIAN BLEND CHEESE, UPC: 041270025294 Iga, Inc.
BF 45284214 DELI SLICED SHARP CHEDDAR CHEESE, UPC: 041270429962 Iga, Inc.
BF 45284170 PEPPER JACK CHEESE, UPC: 041270012805 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106706 IGA, CHICKEN SEASONING & COATING MIX, UPC: 041270010634 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106704 IGA, SPAGHETTI RINGS & MEATBALLS, UPC: 041270011990 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106675 GARDEN SPINACH, UPC: 041270896191 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106672 CHICKEN GRAVY, UPC: 041270046954 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106664 TURKEY GRAVY MIX, UPC: 041270044240 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106591 IGA, MUSHROOM GRAVY MIX, UPC: 041270824262 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106587 TURKEY GRAVY, UPC: 041270046930 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106584 IGA, BEEF STEW SEASONING MIX, UPC: 041270025133 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106583 IGA, GOLDEN SWEET CORN, CREAM STYLE, UPC: 041270879682 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106581 PORK GRAVY MIX, UPC: 041270025195 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106568 IGA, SLOPPY JOE SEASONING MIX, UPC: 041270024648 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106561 IGA, SPAGHETTI SAUCE MIX, UPC: 041270024631 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106553 IGA, MIXED SWEET PEAS, UPC: 041270888561 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106551 IGA, TOMATO PUREE, UPC: 041270025072 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106544 IGA, AU JUS GRAVY MIX, UPC: 041270824248 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106542 IGA, INSTANT LONG GRAIN BROWN RICE, UPC: 041270004121 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106538 IGA, SPAGHETTI RINGS, IN TOMATO SAUCE, UPC: 041270011945 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106535 IGA, FRENCH FRIED ONIONS, UPC: 041270489775 Iga, Inc.
BF 45307115 DELUXE SHELLS & CHEDDAR DINNER, UPC: 041270815161 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106509 IGA, BEEF RAVIOLI IN TOMATO & MEAT SAUCE, UPC: 041270892728 Iga, Inc.
BF 45106500 IGA, CUT BLUE LAKE GREEN BEANS, UPC: 041270874564 Iga, Inc.