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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 20068 Tapioca, pearl, dry Cereal Grains and Pasta
SR 43546 Babyfood, banana no tapioca, strained Baby Foods
SR 19198 Puddings, tapioca, dry mix Sweets
SR 19218 Puddings, tapioca, ready-to-eat Sweets
BF 45066070 TAPIOCA, UPC: 070147005008 Bascoms Food Products
BF 45002284 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 011150110440 ROUNDY'S
BF 45343500 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 041512083273 none
BF 45274085 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 07078401866 Tops Markets, LLC
BF 45221494 TAPIOCA STARCH, UPC: 737483877354 Pacific Eastern Trading Corp.
BF 45315139 TAPIOCA STARCH, UPC: 850403000349 none
BF 45194282 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 018053193839 The Harris Soup Company
BF 45196743 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 041268145300 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45202327 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 758108008632 none
BF 45104674 TAPIOCA STARCH, UPC: 038225000048 La Venezolana Corp.
BF 45106050 TAPIOCA LOAF, UPC: 075119040155 Ener-G Foods Inc
BF 45355814 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 041303009444 Supervalu, Inc.
BF 45203000 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 822486174194 Independent Marketing Alliance
BF 45165924 TAPIOCA CHIPS, UPC: 723246200026 House of Spices
BF 45198556 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 072820382505 Wisconsin Cheese Group Inc.
BF 45270935 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 758108710207 none
BF 45014911 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 850469000932 none
BF 45053821 TAPIOCA PUDDING , UPC: 073491102003 LAND O'LAKES, INC.
BF 45053064 TAPIOCA PEARL, UPC: 083737102612 Eastland Food Corporation
BF 45024932 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 073491302007 LAND O'LAKES, INC.
BF 45343392 TAPIOCA PUDDING, UPC: 073491081100 LAND O'LAKES, INC.