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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 11278 Okra, raw Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 11280 Okra, frozen, unprepared Vegetables and Vegetable Products
BF 45053962 OKRA, UPC: 071725728289 AMERICAN IMPORTING CO. INC.
BF 45184831 OKRA, UPC: 669212176066 Coast Produce Company
BF 45269799 OKRA, UPC: 6224007718315 none
BF 45212988 OKRA, UPC: 6223000034545 THE EGYPTIAN FOOD COMPANY
BF 45366163 OKRA, UPC: 605949111338 none
BF 45346696 PICKLED OKRA, UPC: 070038632054 none
BF 45182054 WHOLE OKRA, UPC: 035826042408 Food Town Stores Inc.
BF 45360796 DRIED OKRA, UPC: 092825083085 Brookshire Grocery Company
BF 45231304 BREADED OKRA, UPC: 070560983624 The Pictsweet Company
BF 45275913 BREADED OKRA, UPC: 070560983907 The Pictsweet Company
BF 45358118 WHOLE OKRA, UPC: 02362753179 Festive Finer Foods
BF 45212986 FROZEN OKRA, UPC: 6223000032404 none
BF 45210835 OKRA AND TOMATOES, UPC: 070560952576 The Pictsweet Company
BF 45314519 WHOLE OKRA, UPC: 04656701330 RALEY'S
BF 45314508 CUT OKRA, UPC: 04656701329 RALEY'S
BF 45359347 CUT OKRA, UPC: 041303021170 Supervalu, Inc.
BF 45359330 WHOLE OKRA, UPC: 041303021798 Supervalu, Inc.
BF 45216913 PICKLED OKRA, UPC: 040232071010 Entertainment Production House Inc.
BF 45182788 CUT OKRA, UPC: 045364130079 Rico Products, Inc.
BF 45056364 TOMATOES AND OKRA, UPC: 041443110239 Holmes Canning Company Inc.
BF 45290227 SMOKIN' OKRA, UPC: 851769005276 Pickled Pink Foods LLC
BF 45183090 WHOLE OKRA, UPC: 070560850667 The Pictsweet Company
BF 45349979 WICKED OKRA, UPC: 635617001029 sims foods, inc.