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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 05664 Turkey, ground, fat free, patties, broiled Poultry Products
BF 45267323 GROUND TURKEY PATTIES, UPC: 605375000060 none
SR 05667 Turkey, ground, 93% lean, 7% fat, patties, broiled Poultry Products
SR 05670 Turkey, ground, 85% lean, 15% fat, patties, broiled Poultry Products
SR 05305 Turkey, Ground, raw Poultry Products
SR 05306 Turkey, Ground, cooked Poultry Products
BF 45098942 KROGER, FRESH GROUND TURKEY PATTIES, UPC: 011110979964 The Kroger Co.
BF 45366543 FOSTER FARMS, GROUND TURKEY PATTIES, UPC: 075278076804 Foster Poultry Farms
BF 45187152 KOCH'S TURKEY, GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 097914090050 Innerprise Software, Inc.
BF 45330007 TURKEY PATTIES, UPC: 859700004463 none
BF 45201503 TURKEY PATTIES, UPC: 731956038525 Moo & Oink, LLC
BF 45203321 TURKEY PATTIES, UPC: 859522004405 MAN CAVE
BF 45203326 TURKEY PATTIES, UPC: 859700004470 Great Fresh Foods, Inc
BF 45364283 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 022655701408 Butterball, LLC
BF 45346586 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 042222832380 Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc.
BF 45358074 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 884853601108 Nash Finch Company
BF 45342520 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 075278030288 Foster Poultry Farms
BF 45345148 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 035826105547 Food Town Stores Inc.
BF 45326259 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 642205006724 none
BF 45332913 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 20735418 none
BF 45139622 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 042222130202 Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc.
BF 45210116 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 041220992577 H E Butt Grocery Company
BF 45315548 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 042222089302 none
BF 45012689 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 039272020010 Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc.
BF 45284204 GROUND TURKEY, UPC: 022655715382 none