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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45035437 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 033383080413 Produce Marketing Association
BF 45364119 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 688267144325 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45182462 RED DELICIOUS APPLE, UPC: 041268191345 Hannaford Bros. Co.
BF 45351015 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 713733660402 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45181588 DELICIOUS RED APPLES, UPC: 026419080419 Fitzgerald's Orchard
BF 45352734 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 713733695688 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45353904 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 713733696043 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45280449 ORGANIC RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 688267046612 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45362931 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 818679004263 none
BF 45335798 ORGANIC RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 888670019900 BJ's Wholesale Club / Corporate Brands
BF 45366413 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 688267044809 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45351006 RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 708820977648 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45236753 RED DELICIOUS APPLE, UPC: 033383080437 Produce Marketing Association
SR 09500 Apples, raw, red delicious, with skin (Includes foods for USDA's Food Distribution Program) Fruits and Fruit Juices
BF 45181816 GIANT EAGLE, RED DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 030034998370 Giant Eagle, Inc.
SR 09501 Apples, raw, golden delicious, with skin Fruits and Fruit Juices
BF 45355878 ENCHILADA DELICIOUS RED SAUCE, UPC: 688267132087 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45344251 GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 713733696074 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45185162 DELICIOUS GOURMET CARAMEL APPLES, UPC: 722132781120 Raimondi Caramel Apples
BF 45185160 DELICIOUS GOURMET CARAMEL APPLES, UPC: 722132781113 none
BF 45351012 GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 713733696586 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45350999 GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLES, UPC: 713733696371 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45353360 GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLE SAUCE , UPC: 028700111758 none
BF 45177822 WHOLESOME & DELICIOUS APPLE RINGS, UPC: 700598991680 none