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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 09226 Papayas, raw Fruits and Fruit Juices
SR 09229 Papaya nectar, canned Fruits and Fruit Juices
BF 45262003 PAPAYA CHUNKS, UPC: 780562860181 Sunrise Natural Foods
BF 45360020 PAPAYA CHUNKS, UPC: 092825016335 Brookshire Grocery Company
BF 45212931 PAPAYA SPEARS, UPC: 895618002221 none
BF 45003874 PAPAYA SPEARS, UPC: 744335610229 Steve Ross Enterprises
BF 45211256 PAPAYA SPEARS, UPC: 076958556531 none
BF 45178227 PAPAYA SPEARS, UPC: 733739057204 Now Health Group Inc.
BF 45012542 CHIPOTLE PAPAYA, UPC: 609207618836 Kid Vids Educational Entertainment
BF 45136455 CHILI PAPAYA, UPC: 609207618829 none
BF 45136442 PAPAYA CHUNKS, UPC: 609207618676 Kid Vids Educational Entertainment
BF 45136434 PAPAYA SPEARS, UPC: 609207617594 Kid Vids Educational Entertainment
BF 45345687 PAPAYA CHUNKS, UPC: 814719015763 none
BF 45286804 PAPAYA CHUNKS, UPC: 790429236448 International Foodsource
BF 45205592 DRIED PAPAYA, UPC: 720117720164 Bendina Kids Wear Inc.
BF 45253898 SNACKS PAPAYA, UPC: 018894004868 Big Y Foods, Inc.
BF 45361441 PAPAYA CHUNKS, UPC: 021130094141 Safeway, Inc.
BF 45270456 PAPAYA CHUNKS, UPC: 019061190452 none
BF 45228369 PAPAYA NECTAR, UPC: 041331127448 GOYA FOODS, INC.
BF 45211953 PAPAYA STROPS, UPC: 609207618799 NUTTY & FRUITY
BF 45211954 PAPAYA STRIPS, UPC: 609207618805 none
BF 45211952 PAPAYA STRIPS, UPC: 609207618751 none
BF 45211951 PAPAYA STRIPS, UPC: 609207618744 none
BF 45211259 PAPAYA DICES, UPC: 076958550492 none
SR 03160 Babyfood, fruit, guava and papaya with tapioca, strained Baby Foods