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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 04055 Oil, palm Fats and Oils
SR 04513 Vegetable oil, palm kernel Fats and Oils
SR 04662 Oil, industrial, palm and palm kernel, filling fat (non-hydrogenated) Fats and Oils
SR 04663 Oil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), filling fat Fats and Oils
BF 45148356 UNREFINED RED PALM OIL, UPC: 692752103667 Nutiva, Inc.
BF 45051915 RED PALM OIL, UPC: 804879074342 none
SR 04656 Oil, industrial, palm kernel, confection fat, uses similar to high quality cocoa butter Fats and Oils
SR 04658 Oil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), confection fat, intermediate grade product Fats and Oils
SR 04660 Oil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated) , used for whipped toppings, non-dairy Fats and Oils
SR 04664 Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ), palm, principal uses icings and fillings Fats and Oils
SR 11961 Hearts of palm, canned Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 43392 Hearts of palm, raw Vegetables and Vegetable Products
BF 45148355 NUTIVA, SUNFLOWER & RED PALM OIL, UPC: 692752105050 Nutiva, Inc.
BF 45168436 WEST AFRICAN RED PALM OIL, UPC: 187132009108 none
SR 04570 Shortening, confectionery, fractionated palm Fats and Oils
SR 04657 Oil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), confection fat, uses similar to 95 degree hard butter Fats and Oils
BF 45047754 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 834939001339 SUNPIX
BF 45339977 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 075669116669 Iberia Foods Corporation
BF 45339731 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 022300008104 Borges USA, Inc.
BF 45348625 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 078742231198 WAL-MART STORES, INC.
BF 45220653 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 654054111016 none
BF 45237385 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 070670005247 World Finer Foods, Inc.
BF 45234255 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 070670005254 World Finer Foods, Inc.
BF 45315964 HEARTS OF PALM, UPC: 041277355875 Tree of Life, Inc.