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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 16069 Lentils, raw Legumes and Legume Products
BF 45291721 LENTIL CURRY, CREAMY LENTIL SPREAD, UPC: 878397004785 Tofutown North America, LLC
SR 06620 SMART SOUP, French Lentil Soups, Sauces, and Gravies
SR 11248 Lentils, sprouted, raw Vegetables and Vegetable Products
SR 16144 Lentils, pink or red, raw Legumes and Legume Products
BF 45166156 GOURMET LENTIL SNACK LENTIL CHIPS, UPC: 764218652344 Dishaka, LLC
BF 45014444 LENTIL CHIPS, GOURMET LENTIL SNACK, UPC: 764218607542 Dishaka, LLC
BF 45212470 LENTILS, UPC: 788269105024 none
BF 45365911 LENTILS, UPC: 071524012541 La Preferida Inc
BF 45016464 LENTILS, UPC: 071524012534 La Preferida Inc
BF 45282818 LENTILS, UPC: 688267079672 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45276415 LENTILS, UPC: 041331023061 GOYA FOODS, INC.
BF 45275882 LENTILS, UPC: 011110896544 The Kroger Co.
BF 45275630 LENTILS, UPC: 074175316600 Stater Bros. Markets Inc.
BF 45342548 LENTILS, UPC: 041512105760 none
BF 45342514 LENTILS, UPC: 041512092237 none
BF 45338412 LENTILS, UPC: 021130501359 Safeway, Inc.
BF 45327030 LENTILS, UPC: 051933356191 The Moran Group Incorporated
BF 45208956 LENTILS, UPC: 011161159247 Topco Associates, Inc.
BF 45315684 LENTILS, UPC: 04656701263 RALEY'S
BF 45175896 LENTILS, UPC: 075450151091 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45117933 LENTILS, UPC: 023545204566 Gonzalez & Tapanes Inc.
BF 45193033 LENTILS, UPC: 008170751449 Arizona Natural Resources, Inc.
BF 45324340 LENTILS, UPC: 078742123318 WAL-MART STORES, INC.
BF 45173821 LENTILS, UPC: 041268167944 Hannaford Bros. Co.