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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
SR 16158 Hummus, commercial Legumes and Legume Products
SR 16137 Hummus, home prepared Legumes and Legume Products
BF 45180520 ITHACA HUMMUS, ITHACA HUMMUS, UPC: 853883006047 Hummus Holdings LLC
BF 45177830 YAMBA HUMMUS, HUMMUS CLASSIC, UPC: 700729051207 Keltech, Inc.
BF 45001950 HOPE HUMMUS, SWEET POTATO HUMMUS, UPC: 856500004020 Hope Foods, LLC
BF 45178148 ALL NATURAL ROASTED GARLIC HUMMUS WITH HUMMUS CHIPS, UPC: 725439980944 Delhaize America, Inc.
BF 45178146 ROASTED RED PEPPER HUMMUS WITH HUMMUS CHIPS, UPC: 725439980920 Delhaize America, Inc.
BF 45206310 DOCTOR HUMMUS, HUMMUS, KALAMATA OLIVE, UPC: 890144001052 S&B Healthy Food, Doctor Hummus
BF 45180438 MO'S WORLD'S GREATEST HUMMUS, HUMMUS, BLACK OLIVE, UPC: 850464000050 Oasis Food Products
BF 45341899 YAMBA HUMMUS, LEMON GARLIC HUMMUS, UPC: 700729051191 Keltech, Inc.
BF 45180682 LOVE & HUMMUS, ORGANIC HUMMUS, SPICY HARISSA, UPC: 859224002075 Love and Hummus Company, LLC
BF 45212535 HUMMUS, UPC: 814567019111 Completely Fresh Foods, Inc
BF 45212534 HUMMUS, UPC: 814567018602 Completely Fresh Foods, Inc
BF 45210847 HUMMUS, UPC: 070625735731 Kohl Corporation
BF 45211999 HUMMUS, UPC: 645136000311 none
BF 45212623 HUMMUS, UPC: 827362024020 BABA FOODS
BF 45333687 HUMMUS, UPC: 041735094315 Price Chopper Supermarkets
BF 45360324 HUMMUS, UPC: 600150973928 none
BF 45360183 HUMMUS, UPC: 688267184994 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45325893 HUMMUS, UPC: 617215927352 none
BF 45325788 HUMMUS, UPC: 640841116562 none
BF 45338935 HUMMUS, UPC: 075450012880 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45325614 HUMMUS, UPC: 075450062410 Hy-Vee, Inc.
BF 45325613 HUMMUS, UPC: 075450062403 Hy-Vee, Inc.