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DB NDB Id Food Description Food Group or Manufacturer
BF 45226644 BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 874896005735 Pero Family Farms Food Company LLC
BF 45356003 BELL PEPPER CORN BLEND, UPC: 092825094807 Brookshire Grocery Company
BF 45365952 RAINBOW BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 688267139987 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45285416 RAINBOW BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 688267042690 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45276551 TOMATO RED BELL PEPPER, UPC: 074682200270 Knudsen & Sons Inc
BF 45007082 BELL PEPPER STRIPS, UPC: 073405102976 none
BF 45316018 ROASTED BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 070670005063 World Finer Foods, Inc.
BF 45315585 ROASTED BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 073214003891 G L Mezzetta, Inc.
BF 45027218 ROASTED BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 073214005284 G L Mezzetta, Inc.
BF 45056892 SWEET BELL PEPPER RELISH, UPC: 073214005703 G L Mezzetta, Inc.
BF 45059094 ROASTED BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 073214001040 G L Mezzetta, Inc.
BF 45015532 MEZZETTA, ROASTED BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 073214008209 G L Mezzetta, Inc.
BF 45199653 TRI COLOR BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 087738172124 Caldwell & Son Inc.
BF 45363680 SWEET BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 751666157323 none
BF 45091507 BELL-VIEW, PEPPER RINGS, UPC: 073405101627 Lee-Thompson-Fawcett Company
BF 45091701 BELL-VIEW, JALAPENO PEPPER, UPC: 073405108015 Lee-Thompson-Fawcett Company
BF 45091690 BELL-VIEW, PEPPER RINGS, UPC: 073405101603 Lee-Thompson-Fawcett Company
BF 45091493 BELL-VIEW, JALAPENO PEPPERS, UPC: 073405108053 Lee-Thompson-Fawcett Company
BF 45362025 ORGANIC MIXED BELL PEPPER, UPC: 816426014411 Divine Flavor LLC
BF 45362784 BABY BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 750455000413 Bailey Farms Inc.
BF 45180728 RED BELL PEPPER HUMMUS, UPC: 863674000017 none
BF 45040061 DICED GREEN BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 041250854241 Meijer, Inc.
BF 45226343 RAINBOW BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 688267042713 Ahold USA, Inc.
BF 45359783 SLICED BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 021130702305 none
BF 45372973 DICED GREEN BELL PEPPERS, UPC: 036800527768 Topco Associates, Inc.