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Nutrients: Calcium, Ca(mg)
Food Subset: All Foods
Ordered by: Nutrient Content
Measured by: 100 g
NDB_No Description Calcium, Ca (mg)
Value Per
43057 Candies, gum drops, no sugar or low calorie (sorbitol) 0.00
43058 Candies, hard, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol) 0.00
43158 Sweeteners, tabletop, saccharin (sodium saccharin) 0.00
43216 Sweeteners, tabletop, fructose, dry, powder 0.00
43344 Jams, preserves, marmalade, reduced sugar 0.00
43355 Mayonnaise, low sodium, low calorie or diet 0.00
43514 Frozen novelties, ice type, pop, with low calorie sweetener 0.00
44005 Oil, corn, peanut, and olive 0.00