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Nutrient List Reports (Help for Foods Lists)

This search allows you to develop reports containing the values for nutrients you specify for foods in the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR).

Designing the Report

Specify the Nutrients: You may select up to three nutrients to include in your report from the pull down menu. The only required field is Nutrient #1. Nutrients will be reported in the order you select from left to right.

Specify Food Subset: You may indicate all the foods in the SR database or an abridged list from the pull down menu. The abridged list is a shorter list of about 1,000 foods commonly consumed in the U.S. The default is all of the foods in the database.

Specify Food Groups: You may limit your search to one or more food groups. To select more than one food group, use CTRL+Click to highlight the food groups you want to include in your report. The default is all food groups.

Sorting: You may sort your report, alphabetically by the food name or by nutrient value per household measure. If you selected more than one nutrient, the report will be sorted by nutrient # 1. The default is by food name.

Specify Measure: The values in the report can be displayed by either amount per the specified household measure or per 100 grams by selecting the appropriate choice from the pull-down menu. The default is by household measure.

After making the above selections, click “GO” to generate the report. Clicking on “Reset” will clear all the fields and you can enter new selections.

Managing and Modifying the Report

The report is divided into multiple pages of 25 food items each. To see subsequent pages, click on “Next” at the end of the list of page numbers just above the list of food items or at the bottom of the page. You can select a specific page by clicking on the page number. If you select a single nutrient, only the values in the database will be displayed. If you have selected multiple nutrients, a dash indicates that a value for that component is not included in the database.

You can see the full nutrient profile for a specific food item, by clicking on the description or NDB No. You can then use any feature of the “Food Search” report. To go back to the Nutrient List report, click on “Return to Nutrient List”

Printing and Saving Reports: To print your report, select “Download as PDF” and then print from the PDF. If you select “Print” from the toolbar, you will have to print each page separately, one at a time. You can save the PDF file on your computer for future use. You can also download the report as a CSV (Comma separated values) file. The CSV file can then be opened, using a spreadsheet program.

Changing the Sort Order: If you want to change the nutrient on which the report is sorted, select the nutrient from the pull down menu next to “Sort by Nutrient”. This list will only include the nutrients you selected when designing the report. Then click on “Go”. The newly selected sort nutrient will now be in the first column of the report.

Modifying Report Parameters: This option gives you the opportunity to modify any of the selections you made when designing the report. You will see the selections you made and may modify them as described above.

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