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Full Report (All Nutrients):  45353529, BUGLES CRSPY CORN SNCKS ORIGINAL, UNPREPARED, GTIN: 00016000142756
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Food Group: Branded Food Products Database
heading Nutrient Unit
cups (30g) 30 g

Value per 100 g
Proximates Protein g 1.00 3.33
Proximates Total lipid (fat) g 9.00 30.00
Proximates Carbohydrate, by difference g 18.00 60.00
Proximates Fiber, total dietary g 1.0 3.3
Proximates Sugars, total g 2.00 6.67
Minerals Calcium, Ca mg 0 0
Minerals Iron, Fe mg 0.00 0.00
Minerals Potassium, K mg 0 0
Minerals Sodium, Na mg 320 1067
Vitamins Vitamin D IU 0 0
Lipids Fatty acids, total saturated g 8.001 26.670
Lipids Fatty acids, total trans g 0.000 0.000
Lipids Cholesterol mg 0 0
Ingredients: DEGERMED YELLOW CORN MEAL, COCONUT OIL, SUGAR, SALT, BAKING SODA. FRESHNESS PRESERVED BY BHT. Date Available: 02/05/2018   Date Last Updated by Company: 02/05/2018