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National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Release 26
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NDB No. Description Food Group
25028 Tortilla chips, yellow, plain, salted Snacks
25030 Snacks, vegetable chips, HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP, TERRA CHIPS Snacks
25031 Formulated bar, ZONE PERFECT CLASSIC CRUNCH BAR, mixed flavors Snacks
25032 Snacks, granola bar, KASHI GOLEAN, chewy, mixed flavors Snacks
25033 Snacks, granola bar, KASHI TLC Bar, chewy, mixed flavors Snacks
25034 Snacks, granola bar, KASHI GOLEAN, crunchy, mixed flavors Snacks
25035 Snacks, granola bar, chewy, reduced sugar, all flavors Snacks
25036 Snacks, granola bites, mixed flavors Snacks
25037 Snacks, pita chips, salted Snacks
25038 Snacks, granola bars, soft, almond, confectioners coating Snacks
25039 Snacks, granola bars, QUAKER OATMEAL TO GO, all flavors Snacks
25040 Snacks, vegetable chips, made from garden vegetables Snacks
25041 Snacks, granola bar, KASHI TLC Bar, crunchy, mixed flavors Snacks
25043 Snacks, candy bits, yogurt covered with vitamin C Snacks
25045 Formulated bar, high fiber, chewy, oats and chocolate Snacks
25046 Snacks, bagel chips, plain Snacks
25050 Snacks, yucca (cassava) chips, salted Snacks
25051 Snacks, CLIF BAR, mixed flavors Snacks
25052 Snacks, granola bar, QUAKER, chewy, 90 Calorie Bar Snacks
25053 Snacks, granola bar, GENERAL MILLS NATURE VALLEY, SWEET&SALTY NUT, peanut Snacks
25054 Snacks, granola bar, GENERAL MILLS, NATURE VALLEY, with yogurt coating Snacks
25055 Snacks, granola bar, GENERAL MILLS, NATURE VALLEY, CHEWY TRAIL MIX Snacks
25056 Snacks, granola bar, QUAKER, DIPPS, all flavors Snacks
25059 Snacks, brown rice chips Snacks