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National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Release 26
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NDB No. Description Food Group
36019 APPLEBEE'S, chili Restaurant Foods
36018 APPLEBEE'S, fish, hand battered Restaurant Foods
36017 Restaurant, family style, macaroni & cheese, from kids' menu Restaurant Foods
36016 Restaurant, family style, shrimp, breaded and fried Restaurant Foods
36015 Restaurant, family style, chicken fingers, from kid's menu Restaurant Foods
36014 Restaurant, family style, French fries Restaurant Foods
36013 Restaurant, family style, sirloin steak Restaurant Foods
36012 Restaurant, family style, fried mozzarella sticks Restaurant Foods
36011 T.G.I. FRIDAY'S, classic sirloin steak (10 oz) Restaurant Foods
36010 T.G.I. FRIDAY'S, chicken fingers, from kids' menu Restaurant Foods
36009 T.G.I. FRIDAY'S, macaroni & cheese, from kid's menu Restaurant Foods
36008 T.G.I. FRIDAY'S, fried mozzarella Restaurant Foods
36007 T.G.I. FRIDAY'S, French fries Restaurant Foods
36006 T.G.I. FRIDAY'S, FRIDAY'S Shrimp, breaded Restaurant Foods
36005 APPLEBEE'S, chicken tenders, from kids' menu Restaurant Foods
36004 APPLEBEE'S, mozzarella sticks Restaurant Foods
36003 APPLEBEE'S, KRAFT, Macaroni & Cheese, from kid's menu Restaurant Foods
36002 APPLEBEE'S, French fries Restaurant Foods
36001 APPLEBEE'S, Double Crunch Shrimp Restaurant Foods
36000 APPLEBEE'S, 9 oz house sirloin steak Restaurant Foods
35240 Bread, blue corn, somiviki (Hopi) American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
35239 Tortilla, blue corn, Sakwavikaviki (Hopi) American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
35238 Tea, herbal, brewed, Hohoysi (Hopi) American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
35237 Tamales, masa and pork filling (Hopi) American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
35236 Stew, pinto bean and hominy, badufsuki (Hopi) American Indian/Alaska Native Foods