United States Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service

National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28

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8,789 foods found Click on a food name to view details
NDB No. Description Food Group
28062 KEEBLER, CHIPS DELUXE, Soft 'n Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Baked Products
28064 KEEBLER, CLUB, Dash of Salt Crackers Baked Products
28065 KEEBLER, CLUB, Minis Original Crackers Baked Products
28066 KEEBLER, CLUB, Minis Multigrain Crackers Baked Products
28067 KEEBLER, CLUB, Multigrain Crackers Baked Products
28068 KEEBLER, CLUB, Original Crackers Baked Products
28069 KEEBLER, CLUB, Reduced Fat Crackers Baked Products
28070 KEEBLER, CLUB Crackers, Snack Sticks, Honey Wheat Baked Products
28071 KEEBLER, CLUB Crackers, Snack Sticks, Original Baked Products
28072 KEEBLER, Country Style Oatmeal Cookies with Raisins Baked Products
28073 KEEBLER, Danish Wedding Cookies Baked Products
28074 KEEBLER, E.L. FUDGE, Butter Flavored Cookies Baked Products
28075 KEEBLER, E.L. FUDGE, Double Stuffed Cookies Baked Products
28076 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Cheesecake Middles, Dark Chocolate Baked Products
28077 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Cheesecake Middles, Original Graham Cookies Baked Products
28078 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Mint Creme Middles, Chocolate Graham Cookies Baked Products
28079 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Coconut Dreams Cookies Baked Products
28080 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Deluxe Grahams Cookies Baked Products
28081 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Caramel Filled Cookies Baked Products
28082 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Peanut Creme Filled Cookies Baked Products
28083 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Triple Fudge Filled Cookies Baked Products
28084 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Fudge-Dipped Ice Cream Cups Baked Products
28085 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Fudge Grahams, 1/2 Dipped, Reduced Fat Baked Products
28086 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Fudge Sticks Baked Products
28087 KEEBLER, FUDGE SHOPPE, Fudge Stripes, Dark Chocolate Baked Products