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National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Release 26
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NDB No. Description Food Group
18003 Bagels, egg Baked Products
18006 Bagels, cinnamon-raisin, toasted Baked Products
18005 Bagels, cinnamon-raisin Baked Products
10994 Bacon, pre-sliced, reduced/low sodium, unprepared Pork Products
16104 Bacon, meatless Legumes and Legume Products
43212 Bacon bits, meatless Legumes and Legume Products
07921 Bacon and beef sticks Sausages and Luncheon Meats
03965 Babyfood, yogurt, whole milk, with fruit, multigrain cereal and added iron Baby Foods
03956 Babyfood, yogurt, whole milk, with fruit, multigrain cereal and added DHA Baby Foods
03108 Babyfood, vegetables, sweet potatoes strained Baby Foods
03109 Babyfood, vegetables, sweet potatoes, junior Baby Foods
03104 Babyfood, vegetables, squash, strained Baby Foods
03105 Babyfood, vegetables, squash, junior Baby Foods
03127 Babyfood, vegetables, spinach, creamed, strained Baby Foods
03121 Babyfood, vegetables, peas, strained Baby Foods
03286 Babyfood, vegetables, mix vegetables strained Baby Foods
03282 Babyfood, vegetables, mix vegetables junior Baby Foods
03091 Babyfood, vegetables, green beans, strained Baby Foods
03092 Babyfood, vegetables, green beans, junior Baby Foods
03283 Babyfood, vegetables, garden vegetable, strained Baby Foods
03119 Babyfood, vegetables, corn, creamed, strained Baby Foods
03120 Babyfood, vegetables, corn, creamed, junior Baby Foods
03099 Babyfood, vegetables, carrots, strained Baby Foods
03100 Babyfood, vegetables, carrots, junior Baby Foods
03098 Babyfood, vegetables, beets, strained Baby Foods