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National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Release 27
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NDB No. Description Food Group
09041 Bananas, dehydrated, or banana powder Fruits and Fruit Juices
19400 Snacks, banana chips Snacks
09040 Bananas, raw Fruits and Fruit Juices
11976 Pepper, banana, raw Vegetables and Vegetable Products
35132 Melon, banana (Navajo) American Indian/Alaska Native Foods
03167 Babyfood, apple-banana juice Baby Foods
03176 Babyfood, juice, orange and banana Baby Foods
03174 Babyfood, juice, orange and apple and banana Baby Foods
03186 Babyfood, cereal, mixed, with bananas, dry Baby Foods
03190 Babyfood, cereal, oatmeal, with bananas, dry Baby Foods
03212 Babyfood, cereal, rice, with bananas, dry Baby Foods
03293 Babyfood, plums, bananas and rice, strained Baby Foods
19318 Puddings, banana, dry mix, instant Sweets
19320 Puddings, banana, dry mix, regular Sweets
43004 Babyfood, dessert, banana pudding, strained Baby Foods
43539 Babyfood, dessert, banana yogurt, strained Baby Foods
43546 Babyfood, banana no tapioca, strained Baby Foods
43550 Babyfood, banana apple dessert, strained Baby Foods
14087 V8 SPLASH Smoothies, Strawberry Banana Beverages
16259 SILK Banana-Strawberry soy yogurt Legumes and Legume Products
03129 Babyfood, fruit, bananas with tapioca, strained Baby Foods
03147 Babyfood, fruit, applesauce with banana, junior Baby Foods
03156 Babyfood, fruit, bananas and pineapple with tapioca, junior Baby Foods
03157 Babyfood, fruit, bananas and pineapple with tapioca, strained Baby Foods
03163 Babyfood, fruit, bananas with apples and pears, strained Baby Foods